Your Practitioner

Following a lifelong interest in holistic healing arts, Sara decided to attend the Academy
for Five Element Acupuncture (AFEA), then located in Hallandale, Florida. After graduation,
she began her personal acupuncture practice there. She also became a clinical supervisor
at the school. In this capacity, she was responsible for all the patients being seen in the
school clinic, personally overseeing their diagnosis and treatment by the senior interns.
Later on, she began to teach and finally became Dean of Students.

Sara also worked in local Spanish-language clinics serving accident victims and Medicare
patients. There acquired the nickname of "la acupuncturista suave", the gentle acupuncturist.
She was also affectionately called "abuelita", meaning grandmother, the traditional name of
the old woman in the neighborhood who knew the natural remedies.

When AFEA relocated to Gainesville, Florida, Sara decided the time had come to fulfill a long-
held wish to live near her sister, who had moved to Moncure ten years prior. Sara made the
move to North Carolina in March of 2007 and since then has established two offices, one in
Pittsboro and one in Carrboro. Sara appreciates the beauty and the sense of community of this
area and hopes to be an asset to the people here for many years to come.