I would like to recommend Sara Kane, L.Ac., an excellent acupuncturist and healer. I always
have had good results with acupuncture as a modality, but Sara's treatments are a cut above.
She practices "5 element" acupuncture, which addresses the patient's health at more levels
than traditional Chinese medicine does.

In a session she works with you actively the whole hour. She is gentle, compassionate and
intelligent. I have had many treatments from her and have always experienced definite and
immediate improvement in energy with each session.

Janice, age 53

I was quite skeptical about the acupuncture but was in so much pain from arthritis that I tried it.
My back pain improved quickly, and so did my constipation and my sleep! I don't know how this
works but cannot deny that it does work, amazingly so. I got more than I bargained for when I came
to Sara. Her treatments are gentle but powerful.

Bernie, age 78